Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Takes Care of Stray Cats and Is Nice to His Mother

Valentine's Day with mother.  I bought her roses and chocolate and took it to her at lunchtime.  I went back at my usual hour and had a cookie brought to her by one of the neighbors.  Another had given her cake.  Mom had Valentine's Day.  

I had a nice call in the morning.  I made a dinner of grilled chicken and rice and Brussel's sprouts.  I was in bed before nine.  

A restless night.  I may go back to bed.  

What Sky calls my "Tennessee Boyfriend" is back in town.  He wants to take me out for my birthday that he missed.  Invited some of the gymroids.  Quite the social life, eh?  One of the "boys" just bought a $270,000 McClaren.  I drive a 2005 Xterra that doesn't start half the time.  I get along with everyone pretty much, but sometimes I wonder how I manage.  

Maybe it's because I am sweet to my mother.  I was chatting with Tennessee and a gym girl I have seen for years but have never spoken to.  I don't talk to women at the gym, of course, being shy and also knowing that doing so can seem "creepy."  Once I am introduced, however, I am a friendly fellow.  The gym girl he was talking to was one I had seen in the gym for years.  She comes from an entire family of fit girls.  They all used to train together with their mother.  They were always quite a startling sight.  But this girl in particular seemed to always frown in my direction.  Not a problem.  I just figured she didn't like Bohemian types.  She hangs with a "let's talk sports" crowd, the sort that makes me want to wear ear plugs.  

We were in a small room for stretching and light weight mat work.  I said something to Tennessee and she laughed.  I looked over and she smiled.  Hmm.  Tennessee asked me what I was going to do after the gym, and I said I was going to take flowers and chocolate to my mother.  

"I should probably take her to dinner," I said.  

"That's so sweet," the pretty lady said.  

"That's why I do it," I answered.  "Because the girls all think it's sweet."  

She grinned and nodded knowingly.  But that's the thing, you know. . . I'm the kind of guy who is sweet to his mother.  I take care of stray cats (one of which just showed up with the neighbor's cat looking in my kitchen door).  I'm caring and I can cook.  

And still. . . .

That photo at the top is from my last adventure photo day.  I took it and cooked it up with my phone.  I also took a shot with the 4x5 camera, but I am pretty sure I will like the phone snap better.  And yet I lug around all those crazy cameras.  I just can't bring myself to go out with just my phone.  I can't get my psyche around that.  The crazier part is that the phone pics print out nicely even at the larger sizes.  I am planning to develop the big color negatives today, but analog photography is very expensive.   If those negatives disappoint me, maybe I'll be convinced to simply use the phone camera.  Wouldn't that just be something?  

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