Saturday, April 22, 2023

I Almost Forgot--It's Earth Day

I am up sooooo early again.  Fitful sleep.  By four-thirty, I just had to give up.  I couldn't lie in bed and struggle any more. So, in the late night darkness, for it is late night and not early morning, I drink coffee and read the news.  And then. . . I am at a loss.  I don't know what I will write.  I have thought of nothing.  Well, I have, but I can't keep whining about love, can I?  Can I?  Yesterday afternoon, after my visit with mother, I made some olive oil, balsamic, garlic, and Kosher salt for dipping, ripped up some French baguette, sliced some very expensive cheese, and plated it all with olives and those wonderful little almonds.  I poured a glass of wine, and suddenly it began to rain, a sun shower, no less. . . just enough to ruin a later afternoon on the deck.  I made myself comfortable inside and thought that this is what I miss the most. . . sharing a small meal and wine with. . . you know the drill.  

But that's enough of that.  Whining is unbecoming.  Make your own jokes.  

The knee?  I talked to my across the street neighbor, the anesthesiologist, about surgeons.  He seemed skeptical about the one everybody keeps telling me is the guy to go to.  

With a furrowed brow, "Well. . . if it works for you. . . ."  

Then he said he would go with the big surgical group in town that was started by my conservative friend's father many, many years ago.  But he wasn't done.  

"Knee surgery works out differently for everyone."

WTF?  He talked about the importance of the metal plates they use to cap the decapitated tibia and femur.  Get that a little off, and boy. . . .  So now I'm thinking of suffering for a while longer as I try to rehab my knee to some extent on my own.  I don't know, truly, but that is the state of mind I am in on that now.  

That's it.  That's all I have.  I am better off with the narratives, but I haven't gotten together any illustrations for my adventure travel stuff, and other than going to see the musical, my life has been a dull hum and not a story.  But there is much that is coming up.  I have many invitations in the coming month.  One of my friends has quit her job at the factory and is leaving town.  That is what happens--friends scattered by the wind.  She is moving to Mayberry or Hooterville or some such place, into an old family home.  I mean old.  200 years old.  She loves spooky things.  She adores the house.  Other, lesser friends are having parties as well, and the gymroids are ready for another folly.  By and large, though, these things are just time killers.  One needs stimulation, however, so I will go.  

I'm in a gentle mood this morning.  Here are some hipster nerds with headphones playing pretty music.  It's Saturday.  It is Spring.  It is Earth Day.  Be gentle.  Love people.  Laugh whenever you can.  And don't be mean.  

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