Tuesday, April 4, 2023



Sex, sexual, sexualized.  I've been reading about the Hulu doc, "Pretty Baby."  I haven't seen it.  I don't have Hulu.  But yea, Brooke Shields.  Her mother.  Sometimes in some interviews, it doesn't seem to be a big deal.  At other times, she can't believe she survived it.  

I wonder, not often, how any of us do. But those of us who don't get commercialized, you know. . . we're kind of out there on our own.  Sex is a dirty business for everyone.  It is what animals do.  Reproduction.  All the rutting and preening and competing for a mate.  That is the "sexual" part of sex.  Hormones.  Females coming into estrous.  A change in behavior.  Males butting heads, pissing over everything, marking territories, establishing dominance. 

The rest of it is just commercialism.  Well. . . maybe.  I mean there was Cleopatra.  I think.  That could be a patriarchal view, though.  Future scholars.  

Am I supposed to like this photo of Paris, or am I to mock it?  Of course, the two things need not be mutually exclusive.  

It always goes back to the children, doesn't it.  The inculcation of ideas, values. . . it has been the battle between "liberals" and "conservatives" forever.  What books go into the school library?  Don't say gay or go to a drag show?  Are you a boy or are you a girl?  Why are you so binary?  Contraceptives or just say no?  Gender vs. Sex, two out of three falls, loser leave town.  

It seems to all be dying down, of course.  People are losing interest in sex.  That's what all the polls and studies say.  

Me?  I'm just waiting on a dump truck full of mulch and the coming of the maids.  My life is a crazy amalgam of work and leisure.  I repaired more fence yesterday, but I saw more problems. Saving money is costing me my "life."  I'm so tired that I fell asleep halfway through "Perry Mason" last night.  The last episode ended with people falling for one another.  There was sex.  This episode opened up with Della Street and her girlfriend naked in bed.  "I love you," Della whispers to her, though she is sleeping and doesn't hear.  It makes me tense.  I so want people to fall in love, for things to be sweet and wonderful.  Perry has a new girlfriend, too.  She is sweet.  Don't we think, though, that this one is doomed?  

Some of us want sex that is sweet and lovely; others of us desire sex without consequences.  I like watching the ones where people are in love.  Still, one never knows.  

A little noir, I think. 

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