Wednesday, July 12, 2023


Having said that, though. . . I'd rather talk about something else, at least briefly.  That Bonnard documentary I was watching was good.  I learned much about Bonnard I didn't know before.  I had never seen this painting before.  I think it is titled, "The Indolent Young Woman Lying on a Bed."  Reportedly, Bonnard painted it immediately after making love for the first time to Marthe with whom he lived until she died.  Why have I not seen this before?  Was it hidden?  Too indolent?  

Marthe was a piece of work, as they used to say.  She didn't like Pierre's bohemian friends, so they moved out of Paris into the south of France.  They lived together in virtual isolation.  Marthe, it seems, was not well.  She was almost the only person he ever painted other than himself.  The other was Renee Montchaty.  Marthe put an end to that, and so Bonnard sketched or painted Marthe over a thousand times. There is Marthe, and there are the crowded, colorful rooms filled with the light of southern France.  

Here is one of the few paintings of Renee.  

O.K.  I just wanted to write about something other than. . . 

And now, to post.  

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