Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Hillbillies Are People, Too

C.C. said I should audition for a hillbilly Christmas show that he is going to be in.  That, you know, is our heritage.  We are tired of not being recognized.  But, I said, I can't act.  Oh, he said, I've never acted in my life.  It's just like going in front of a group at the factory.  But I've seen myself trying to act on camera, I said.  I only have one expression which is a smirk after every line.  Hell man, C.C. said, Brando made a fortune out of his smirk.  

Or something like that.  

So this came up in conversation with a friend.  You should do it, she said.  Fuck that, I said, you have to remember lines.  Oh, you could do it, she said.  You might get into the movies.  But wait for it. . . "as a character actor"!  

WTF?!?!  Like Ernest Borgnine?!?!?

So there you have it.  No longer a leading man, I.  

People like character actors, though.  A lot.  Look at Trump.  He's no leading man and he will be the next criminal president.  

That is all I'll say about that.  Just my prediction.  You can read all the rest of the analysis and opinions in the "We Got Him This Time" columns.  There is a plethora of them.  

So. . . I've turned off the t.v.  Let me know when it's over.  

I'm heading for my "safe space."  You should go, too.  Covid is on the rise.  I also live in the land of leprosy.  Little do people realize that one of the common animals here, the armadillo, is a carrier (link).  But you can get it through contact with humans, too.  It is transmitted in the air.  This is what happens when people begin to travel again.  I was getting ready to get out and about, you know, but now maybe I need a bunker mentality.  I'll have to check with my advisor.  

But I'll be among the throng this week.  I'm taking my mother to Costco today where we'll mingle with the disease mongers.  And tomorrow I attend another event at Factory City Brewery.  I'll take the train out with all the crackheads.  

I shouldn't say this, I know, but I've never known a woman who wasn't enamored with "Breakfast at Tiffany's."  Tiffany's what, we never know.  That's a possessive, right?  The name of the store is not "Tiffanys" even though that is what the yokels call it all the time.  Maybe because Macy's is actually the name of the chain.  Macy's what?  It's a possessive.  Bloomingdale's, too.  But it was plain Sears, not "Sear's."  Go figure.  I've gone down a rabbit hole here, however, on something that is not worth pursuing.  

I was trying to introduce Holly Golightly, of course, a hillbilly in her own right.  Pretty hillbillies in lipstick and high heels make. . . oh, hell,  I'll let her introduce herself. . . right here on commercial free Radio Selavy, your home for the most obscure hits. . . most of the time.  

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