Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Everything We've Known Is Wrong

The a.c. guys finished up in the afternoon.  Things went sideways for awhile.  Something else was broken that they weren't allowed to touch.  They were duct work techs, not a.c., so I had to call the office.  And call.  And call.  Finally, they got back in touch with me and sent to another technician.  

Otherwise, I was just sitting, waiting, so I decided to try to clean up/organize my computer and external hard drives.  I've said many times, I am the least organized person I know, but yesterday, as I weaved my way through jungles of files, I found out that I was getting help--being disorganized, I mean.  Apple.  They had stolen many of my files and put them in "The Cloud."  I don't want my stuff in "The Cloud."  They've decided that that is where my music files belong.  Also many of my photo files.  For a LONG TIME now, I have not been able to find many, many things.  Somehow, accidentally, I am sure, I was able to see into "The Cloud."  I don't know if I could navigate back there again on purpose.  When I got there, holy shit. . . there were things I've been missing forever.  I am clever, and I figured out that I could download them to one of my external drives.  This took a long time.  While all of that was downloading, the duct and a.c. technicians finished up and had me electronically sign confirming that they were stealing money out of my bank account.  I don't want to talk about that.  

When they were gone, I dressed and headed for the gym.  It was two.  When I finished, I went to my mother's house for a visit.  Travis had sent me the name of an attorney who could set up a trust for us, but now my mother had changed her mind.  She had other ideas.  I have no ideas at all when it comes to this sort of thing, so I just yawned and shook my head.  

I was home at the time I usually went to see my mother.  I sat down at the big computer to see if I had gotten all my files downloaded.  I had.  Then I started going through them.  I am overwhelmed.  I don't know how I will ever get them organized.  I am sure you are going to get random bits and pieces of them rather than anything approaching a chronological report.  Selavy.  What's new?  

I showered and poured a beer to take to the deck.  But I felt off.  By the time I had eaten a salad and some leftover soup from the night before, I knew something was wrong.  Belly bloated, I began to ache.  I've been fighting something for days, I think.  It was an early bed.  I took nothing to sleep, nor for the anxiety that I was feeling.  I was dead tired and thought I'd be fine.  I tried putting my head in a good space.  I did that over and over again all night.  

Finally, I woke up for good and still full of anxiety.  The maids come today.  I have to get the house ready.  The gymroids are taking Tennessee out for his birthday tonight.  I already know it is going to be a struggle for me to go.  If I could nap today, maybe, but I don't know when the Wrecking Crew will be here.  

My uncertain life.  I'm absolutely convinced that yours is perfect.  I have no doubts at all.  And I know you are glad to hear my petty trials and tribulations.  It is kind of you, really.  I love you.  

I read a new study today that says all we used to know about everything is wrong.  That's just the way science works, kids.  Don't worry your pretty little heads over it.  Look to the heavens.  Let the planets be your guide.  

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