Sunday, September 10, 2023

Getting Straight

Oy!  I've lost another day.  And night.  Today. . . you know. . . start anew.  High bar.  Rigid standards.  Right action.  All of that.  

To whom do I speak?  To what end?  I'm still singing to the void.  

Google. You're either tech savvy or you're little people. I need an IT engineer to fix my blog problems.  

I just got lost yesterday and then spiraled downward, into the evening, into the night.  

But it will be nice here today, they say.  I must make myself get out of the house and into the air.  It is ever more difficult.  

Movement.  Tea.  Vegetables, grains, legumes.  A good attitude.  The stiff upper lip.  

I hope this reaches you and finds you well.  Best wishes, 

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