Thursday, September 21, 2023

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

I can't wake up this morning.  One Advil PM and a Tylenol put me into a coma.  I've become too dependent on sleep aids.  I need to quit cold turkey.  Quit everything, really.  I should go on a three day fast and just clean out the system.  I won't.  It is not appealing to me right now.  But I should.  There should be affordable clinics for such things, places with walled gardens and shade trees and people in white who stroll around and bring you lemon water and ask you if you would like a massage.  AFFORDABLE, I say, and not just for the one percenters.  

I just read that Biden will give status to nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants from Venezuela.  That's JUST from ONE country.  Holy shit!  But we can't have affordable resorts for fat drunks and drug addicts?  

Something's gone wrong.  Terribly, terribly wrong.  

Trump has increased his lead as a presidential nominee.  Why do you think that is?  Who created Trump?  It wasn't real estate.  It wasn't some goofy t.v. show.  It wasn't even a mentally crippled populace.  No.  He was cobbled together in the Laboratory of the Woke.  He is the Liberal's Frankenstein.  

We must look to the words written on the Statue of Liberty.  

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

Wait. . . no, that was the opening of "Superman."

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

So much for that.  

I'll tell you a secret, though.  You know who wants immigrants in this country?  Capitalists.  The ones who make the most money off of other people's labor.  Yup.  They need them.  They love immigrants because they will work.  Natural born citizens won't.  At least that is what my builder buddies say.  If you pay them, they work.  White Boy Rodney?  He won't show up half the time.  They can't depend on him.  And when he does come, he spends most of his time scrolling on his phone.  

How did this happen?  Well. . . I'll speculate.  I have some authority in this, but it could be total bullshit.  Let me run it out for you and see.  I think it started with my generation.  We were told that if we went to college, we wouldn't have to work those manual labor jobs.  We could be White Collar boys and girls, Pencil Pushers in the common lingo.  That sounded great, so a bunch of us thought we would go.  So many of us, in fact, that they built about a million more colleges.  Then they gave away grants so that the poor kids could go, too.  Nice idea, equity and equality.  And pretty soon, kids were going to college and using grant money to live instead of working.  You didn't even need to go to school, just sign up and get the money.  When the government got wind of this, though, they saw that they weren't getting a good return on their investment so they made some rules.  They saw that not so many kids who started college ever got a degree, so they decided that they would fund schools based on completion rates.  Of course, college profs refused to pass more students until they realized they weren't going to get raises.  At that point, they resigned themselves and pass rates went way up.  Yay!  More kids were getting degrees.  A lot more.  So many, in fact, that they needed to increase the number of graduate degrees so they could distinguish between those boneheads who skated through a four year degree and those who were actually. . . well, that didn't work.  The same thing happened there.  Colleges began creating grad degrees with the strangest sounding of names.  In essence, colleges became trade schools without a trade.  When the tech industry blew up, you didn't need a degree, just skills.  But colleges began offering more degrees in tech, too.  Kids getting out of school were making more than their parents did in their best years.  Then Covid came and nobody went to work any longer.  Tech REALLY mattered at this point.  And when it came time to go back to work?  Nobody went.  Businesses tried recruiting, but were told, "I didn't spend six years at the community college to work like this."  No ma'am, no siree.  They saw the tech "campuses" with their climbing walls and latte machines and everyone in stretch pants and flip flops instead of loafers, and they read about the hundreds of thousands of dollars one could make as a TikTok influencer.  

So what's a capitalist to do?  Immigrants.  That's who they hire now.  Meanwhile, White Boy Rodney is collecting his disability check or getting some of the Biden Welfare Money.  

That's what the capitalists say.  You know. . . the ones with the big houses and the beach house and the mountain house and the expensive cars.  They hire immigrants.  

"But they are catching on," they say.  "They all want $25/hr. now.  They know they can get it." 

I'm caught between all of this.  I know who is enrolling in colleges now.  I know who the better students are, the ones who actually study, the ones who want the American Dream.  And as I've been saying for many years now. . . they are not the liberals that dems think they are.  They didn't vote for Hillary which was a big surprise for some.  Nope.  

All of that to pose the question. . . who created Trump?  

Or maybe it was the Russian propaganda machine.  What the fuck do I know?  

I hate opinion pieces and editorials, by and large, but here I have written one.  I'd erase it all but I am still too blurry this morning from the Advil PM.  That is all simply drug-addled talk up there.  That's the only possible explanation.  

I was actually going to write about the cat.  She stopped by last night looking a lot thinner than when she came twice a day for feedings.  She was also much friendlier, sticking close by me while I was out.  She's a wild thing, but nature is cruel.  Don't believe in a benign or benevolent order in nature.  It is, as has been said, red in tooth and nail.  All those nature shows I watched as a kid were lying.  Life in the wild is not what anyone but a dolt would desire.  Hell. . . ask those illegal immigrants.  A day's work, a belly full of food, clean water, a toilet, a television, school for the kids. . . 

There I go again.  

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