Wednesday, December 13, 2023

A Cup of Joe

That's how I start every morning, a Cup of Joe in an old Starbucks cup.  They are the best coffee mugs.  Were.  They don't make them anymore.  I have five of them.  They are thick and keep the coffee hot for a long time.  

I got it all done yesterday.  I was freaked out with anxiety and didn't get started right away, and when I did, I was moving in slow motion.  But the more I did, the better I felt and then things started clicking and going right.  Stasis is death, I guess.  By afternoon, I was feeling chipper again.  And now all I need to do is pick up the cake.  The card and flowers are sitting on the table.  My mother said she wanted soup for lunch, and Eureka!  I figured it out.  Where do all the old gals like to eat?  That's right.  You got it.  Olive Garden!!!!  Brilliant.  A bottomless bowl of soup for the birthday girl, and soup and salad if she really feels adventurous.  With breadsticks.  I haven't been to an Olive Garden for five or six years and who knows how long before that.  It was a muggy, sticky summer day and we hadn't any idea of what to do.  On a lark, we pulled into an Olive Garden and ordered soup and salad and ice cold beers.  The room was cool and dry,  and the whole day picked up.  Sometimes it is just the silliest of things.  

I'm looking forward to lunch.  

I got some more Moon Drops.  I got some for my mother, too.  I took one last night and put the lavender cream on my temples.  I went to bed at nine and slept like the dead until one.  But then it was impossible to fall back to sleep.  Self pity and self doubt were having a time with me, so I got up, drank some water, walked a lap around the house which was for some reason comforting, then took another Moon Drop and some tincture of poppyseed that my bruja has made for me.  I got back to sleep.  Fitful sleep, but sleep it was.  I tossed and turned but didn't think.  Not sure what dreams were haunting me, but it is probably best I don't.  

Got up at six.  That's a good long time in bed.  I'm thinking of getting a new one.  A mattress at least.  There is a new Saatva store on the Boulevard.  One of my gymroid buddies is looking for a new mattress and he said that he liked the Saatva Classic better than anything he has tried so far.  I'll take a stroll and see.  

I look forward to the mornings with coffee and. . . something really bad.  I like sweet breads.  Not the animal organ kind but things like sticky cinnamon buns.  How do you make that even better?  Pecans.  Put pecans on top.  It is a weakness.  I try not to buy them, but mornings are so much better when I can have a bite or two.  Just a bite.  My fingers are sticky just now.  

More of the Advent Calendar.  I know this isn't really a Christmas thing, but it is fun and interesting nonetheless.  


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