Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Bad Santa

Red wants to have dinner tonight.  O.K. I say, how's five.  I'm an old guy.  I live a quiet, contemplative life.  No, she says.  She has a girlfriend with her.  She wants to show her the lights of a distant town.  She sends a photo of the friend.  "Wanna shoot her?"  Yea. . . she looks feral.  Why oh why haven't I a studio?  How is 6:30 or 7:00.  Really?  WTF?  I won't be worth a shit on Thursday.  But dude. . . do you want a story you can tell?  Depends on the price.  Last time I was running around like that. . . well, everything was different.  

Life as a domestic is much more. . . but I haven't that, either.  Oy.  

I don't know if I will meet up with them or not.  God knows what I am getting roped into.  

But you know. . . a twofer. . . .  

There's a new term that you or someone you know will be using soon--"Toxic Breadcrumbing."  Yup.  That is now a thing.  It's based on a "psychological principle."  So says the popular therapist who coined the phrase, and phrase-making is the coin of the realm in popular psychology.  There's nothing Oprah loves more than a new concept based on psychological principles.  But it should be called what it will become, an epithet.  It will subsume the old epithet.  You know the one.  

"Your an asshole, did you know that?"

But people are victims and we all need something to lean on.  And maybe we can "work through our issues."  It's a "process."  

"Why'd you guys break up?"

"I don't think she liked me anymore."  

"Did you try couples therapy?"

"Yea.  I was told I needed to change the way I think."  

"Yea. . . it's a process." 

Just so you'll know, I have several friends who are psychologists and work as therapist.  And I say this stuff to them, too.  And they admit to some of it.  They admit to a lot of things like losing their focus during a session with a client.  But they have ways of covering, of getting back into the session.  Do they believe in therapy?


Coin of the realm.  

But. . . having said all of that, I KNOW I will need one soon.  Some things you just can't figure out on your own.  And that's a fact.  And when your head is a bucket of snakes, what can you do?  

Like everything else, though, it is the toxic commercialism and greedy capitalism that bugs me most.  By and large, I think everything should be free.  

But you know, I should be more charitable myself.  It is Christmas and I am playing Bad Santa.  I need to be nice.  So here's another part of the C.S. Advent Calendar.  As Bad Santa tells Thurman Merman, "They can't all be winners can they?" 


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