Friday, December 15, 2023

No Expression, Nothing to Express

I don't have a picture today.  I just don't.  I developed a roll of black and white film yesterday and have it in the scanner now, but none of them are ready and probably none of them are good.  That doesn't mean they won't make it onto the page here at some point, but I am bereft of anything I want to show today.  

Or say, I guess.  I think that not watching desultory things before bed is working.  And the Moon Drops.  And now staying up until at least ten.  My dreams have not been nightmares at least, so there is that.  

I may go to the attic to look at the box of Christmas stuff.  I don't know why, but somehow I feel moved.  It must have been the Rich Steves thing.  I think I realize why people light up Christmas.  It is the darkest time of year.  Houses are more lively.  It relieves the depression of living without daylight.  I'm pretty certain.  Life needs light, so I might put something up.  Not much, but something.  

Here's another installment of the C.S. Advent Calendar.  I tried smiling.  I was right.  It is hideous. 

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