Friday, January 26, 2024

"A Tale Told by an Idiot"

That Old Full Wolf Moon rising in a subtropical southern sky.  These iPhone cameras are really something.  

And maybe it was the moon that made me do it.  Remember that I told you yesterday that I got outbid on a camera?  Yea. . . well, it was an eBay offering, and the following morning, I received an email from the camera's seller offering me the camera for the price I had bid.  WTF?  The person who won the auction couldn't pay, he said, so. . . .  I knew the seller had sent this offer out to other bidders.  I sat still for awhile, thinking.  I imagined I could feel others doing much the same.  

"Jeez, I got lucky last night and didn't win the auction. . . now this!"

With a deep breath, I closed my eyes and pushed the button.  


I will now have another expensive camera to leave in the car.  I'm going to sell one of my Leica M7s to cover the cost.  It will actually cover much more than the cost.  Q wants one, so I texted him.  

"I'll give you a special deal, old sport."


He's turned into a cheap sonofabitch.  So I said.  

I won't give you all the tech talk about the camera.  No, there is no justifying it.  I guess that the thing I do now is buy photo gear in lieu of making photographs.  That is all I can conclude.  

Not all.  Last night, as I sat out with a drink and a cheroot, I looked up at the moon and began to conclude other things, too.  I thought about all the lonely wishes I had made on the moon in my life, saccharine prayers of desire and longing, and how my life had gone.  I thought about the women I loved.  They are living with husbands now, and I wonder. . . "are they happier?".   Astrology explains it, maybe.  I always fall for women I shouldn't, it seems.  So say the stars, anyway.  But I was wishing on the moon, in my old VW van, solitary at anchor in my sailboat in some lonely cove, shivering on frozen mountain tops, driving under open skies in my old Jeep. . . sitting by the side of the lake thinking my heart might explode.

Have I been as daft as that paragraph of meretricious pap?

What can a fellow do?  

Just follow the rules.  No talking, no touching, no biting.  

"Watch where you step.  Keep you eyes straight ahead.  Look both ways before crossing the street.  Be polite and kind to others."


So here's a dumb song.  It came on while I sat under the Full Wolf Moon.  What can I say.  It is a bromide for idiots. . . "signifying nothing."  

You know the quote.  If not. . .  (link).  

Just listen. . . don't watch.  

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