Tuesday, January 9, 2024

If This Site Closes. . . . https://carnivaleselah.blogspot.com


Please Read.

Long ago, I set this blog up through someone so that it was a .com setting.  I pay through an account that has been closed, and I am being told that I need to change my payment or the site will be shut down.  I have been trying, but I can't login to the Admin page because they are the administrators and I don't remember who they are.  It has been years.  Google has not been of help.  I've tried every way I can to contact them, but the phone numbers I am given direct me back to the help page that is of no help at all.  So. . . 

If this site closes, please visit the blog at 



Sucks. . . this site was the original and has been around for many, many years 😰.  I seem to have no control.  If you know how to help with this, please leave info in the comment section.  Thanks.  

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