Saturday, January 20, 2024


 Serious confession.  I'm leaving town today.  That is not the confession, of course.  I am anxious.  That is.  I put off travel for a day which was probably a mistake since it is going to be the coldest night of the year.  It will be 29 degrees when I get up.  Oooo. . . adventure.  I used to be an incessant traveller, but I have become housebound and dull. . . dull enough, anyway.  I am comfortable in my house and have become routinized.  Maybe this will get the old blood going again.  Put some pep in my step, some glide in my stride. . . as the brothers used to say.  Not the hip brothers, but the square ones.  Ha!  

I am picking up my repaired Liberator camera.  The fellow who made it said I could stay with him, but I don't want to have to sit with him at night and get up and talk to him in the morning.  I want to explore my old college town.  Haven't been there in decades, so I will recognize nothing.  I checked hotel prices, though, and they are silly.  At least if you want to stay close to the campus.  It will add another $200 plus to the cost of the camera repair, but it is about the quality of life, right?  

The cat will go hungry on the coldest night of the year, but she leaves me from time to time, so. . . . 

Maybe I'll have an adventure.  Maybe I'll have something to write.  Wouldn't THAT be something?

Listen. . . if anything happens. . . can I call you for bail money?  

Holy moly--look what I've become!

A little road music would be nice.  

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