Thursday, February 15, 2024

First the Pain, then the Suffering

Most days, nearly every, I post a photo on the blog page and then begin to write.  I try to choose a photo that is somehow inspirational to what I think I am about to say, or one, at least, given what I have to choose from, that doesn't get in the way.  But not today.  I don't know what I want to write about, only what I don't, and none of the photos in my desktop folder seem to fit.  I've been ordered out of bed far too early this morning by a throbbing pain in my right shoulder.  I tried for a long while to change positions, but nothing helped, so before five, I was forced to get up.  

That didn't help.  No matter what I do, the pain will not abate.  That is not the only pain, either.  I've put a kink in my neck during the night as well.  I'm fairly miserable.  

"Maybe you should take something."

Now there's an idea.  

If I'm going to take pain meds, though, I'll need to eat something first.  

O.K.  I know now which photo I will post.  


I'm sure I will go back to bed in a bit if the pain subsides.  

Maybe Cupid tried to shoot an arrow through my heart last night but wavering, drunkenly missed and hit my shoulder.  Or maybe it was purposeful.  Cupid can be a fickle little imp.  

* * * 

I've eaten.  I made some peanut butter toast with honey.  Darn good, but my shoulder is still aching.  I will take the meds now and hope for some relief.  

This is what I didn't want to write about.  And so it goes.  Now, with the rising sun, I will take pills and hope to sleep. 

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