Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I Don't Know, I Don't Know

I woke up to a diamond bright bedroom.  It was past eight.  I had gone to bed before eleven.  I never sleep that long.  WTF?  Of course, I'm, groggy now.  You don't sleep that long unless. . . you know.  But it is gorgeous outside.  The weather has become what it should be this time of year in The Sunshine State.  

I had half-planned to leave my hometown today, but that will have to be put off until tomorrow.  Maybe.  I need to "go with my gut," right?  Listen to my "inner voice"?  

That's what I think, too.  I will take myself to a nice lunch today, though, somewhere where the sun is shining bright.  That should be restorative.  The healing power of nature and all that.  

I got a call from my Cali buddy last night.  He was just reaching out. . . kibitzing.  I talked to him and one of his sons (who like everyone else's showed little interest in talking to his father's friend), then to his wife.  They are living the Cali mountain vibe to the max.  It is unique, very laid back and relaxed.  She, like my friend who quit the factory, is becoming a bruja.  Herbs and energies. . . you know the drill.  I wonder how I'd feel if I got my chakras aligned?  I probably need to have my aura read.  More so, I need a visit to the poppy doctor.  She told me that they are growing all over the place out there.  I told her how to milk them.  If I needed a reason to visit. . . well, I don't.  I love both of them, so I will go one day when the weather is nice and the world is free of war and pestilence.  

Yea, I need to get my chakras aligned.  

Did you watch the second "Daily Show" with John Stewart?  I mean since his return.  Me, neither, but it was posted in The NY Times today, so I clicked on it.  I thought it would be a highlight and not the whole show (link).  That surprised me.  Fair and balanced and all of that.  I saw half of it, though, and Stewart didn't quite raise a good point.  I mean, he didn't raise it but he made me think it.  He should have said it.  Said what?  

"Are NYC subways the look and smell of freedom?"

If you watch the show, you'll get my drift.  

If not. . . you get my drift.  

After last night's call, I watched the last episode of "Monsieur Spade."  Travis had texted me the night before to tell me he was 20 minutes into the final episode and didn't know what in the hell was going on.  Me, either.  The show was a beautiful disappointment.  The plot was weird and foreign and too dragged out.  And this was a show that if you had to wait a week to watch the next episode, you had a hard time putting it all together.  And yet. . . I hope there is a second season.  Just get some better writers.  Keep the production crew.  

And then it was off to dreamland.  Only they weren't dreams.  They were very disturbing apocalyptic nightmares.  I remember them vividly even though I slept so long.  They are probably what have me so groggy this morning.  

I think I need to get my chakras aligned.  

have been wearing a little hippie bracelet I got for my birthday.  I need to go thrift shopping for some cool hipster shirts.  You know what they are.  Anti-fashion.  Not norm core, but something cooler.  I feel the need.  

As Lula so famously said, "The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top!"

Ain't it the truth? 

Does the whole earth have a chakra?  Now there's a question for the brujas.  

I was told yesterday about a Tiger Lady who has a refuge not far from my own home.  She has several of the big cats from The Tiger King including his Liger.  The place is tucked back off a main road my informant said.  I'm thinking that maybe I need to get back into the documentary business.  There are opportunities around every turn. . . if you know where to turn.  

"Do you think I'll need a gun?"

"Probably not, but if you do. . . ."

I think I'll make some breakfast now.  The morning has gotten away from me and all this sunshine and fine air are calling to me.  It is not to be wasted.  

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