Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ain't You Had All the Pain You Can Hold

The smart money is on Trump.  Nobody thinks prosecutors are going to find twelve jury members who all agree.  Such a thing is impossible now.  There is no way Trump will be convicted, ever, of anything.  It is fairly grotesque to see how giddy the people over at MSNBC are that we have such a historic moment: "The first president ever to go to trial on criminal charges."  

"We've got him this time!"

They say they live on "Earth One," and that everyone else is living on "Earth Two."  They need to take a drive through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  

I'm no Trump supporter.  I'm just saying.  My planet blew up a long time ago and I can't go home.  All I can do is live on the one I've landed.  And this one, my friends, seems pretty fucked up.  I've been pissing plenty of people off with my brilliant take on the state of the world recently.  I may get kicked off this one soon enough.  


Some say you can't predict the future.  That's ridiculous.  Sure you can.  You will suffer and then you'll die.  There is no mystery.  As many writers have said, it seems that this fact alone would make us a bit kinder to one another.  But as Wallace Stevens said, "Let be be finale of seem."  Or as my grandmother used to say, the proof is in the pudding.  

Did she say "pudding" or "putting"?  

Either way, I got her drift.  We are not so very nice to one another.  We form groups and factions and fight like hell as if it all matters, as if there is something at stake.  There is and there isn't.  

I read today that Bonobos, those peaceful apes, are not really so peaceful at all.  They are not "hippie hominids."  Uh-uh.  Researches say they are more aggressive than chimps.  So much for that.  I guess it's just a "doggy dog world."

Or was that "dog eat dog"?  

I know which one I'd prefer.  

Ain't you had all the pain you can hold. 

You know the  bottle don't love you no more.

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