Monday, May 20, 2024


Some days feel as if the world is waiting for a coming disaster.  Perhaps it is simply me.  I read the news again.  I try not to, but the habit is deeply ingrained.  Warmer weather, mosquitos, crop failures, new viruses, retail closures, higher prices, increasing cancer rates, suicides, political corruption, images of violence, a world at war without declaration.  

Nature obscuring fire hydrants.  One doesn't often think of them.  Obviously.  

I had to look it up.  In the past 40 years, house fires have decreased by 50%.  Cooking accidents are the #1 cause.  But in places that have experienced drought, fires are on the rise.  

Again. . . .

I must get my own house in order. . . .  Today is not Memorial Day.  My calendar is off.  I still follow the same routine.  I feel myself living in a play by Beckett.

There are things I must do.  

I should go.  

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