Thursday, May 23, 2024

Street of Dreams

I drove by my old studio yesterday.  There was a sign in the window that said "For Rent."  What!?!?  I was on the verge of a heart attack.  It might not be my old studio, I thought.  It might be a different one.  But my heart was racing.  I know I couldn't afford it now.  It would probably be three times what I paid in rent.  But. . . I started scheming.  Maybe I could get another photographer to split it with me.  Wait. . . maybe some of my rich buddies would go in on a subscription.  I'd give them all the photo shoots they wanted.  I'd give them prints.  For just $100/month.  It would be nothing to them.  

Yea. . . I was getting ridiculous.  But I can't stop thinking about it.  I think I'll call today and see.  You know, my life would be soooo much better.  I'd get a new large format printer.  I'd get a printing press.  I'd get a large mercury lamp exposure table.  I'd make platinum/palladium prints and do photogravure.  I wouldn't sit at home at night.  I'd never watch t.v.  I'd go bughouse wild.  

How much is my health and life worth?  Seriously.  It would be an investment.  Art therapy.  A life raft, if you will. 

If you feel like contributing to the fund. . . I'll give you things.  

Back to earth.  Tonight is the Full Flower Moon and I haven't planted flowers yet.  Travis has a proud garden that is attracting Monarchs.  My garden used to and hummingbirds as well.  The hummingbirds were always a thrill.  You don't see them so much here in my own home state.  They are tiny, shiny things you could confuse for a moth or a dragonfly.  Maybe there is still time to get the garden going, but it seems ominous to miss the Full Flower Moon.  

What is the price of happiness?  Some people buy sports cars or boats or airplanes or show ponies or. . . or. . . .  I don't spend money on clothes or cars or boats.  Shouldn't I be able to have a studio?  

I'm going to obsess for a bit.  You'll have to forgive me.  

It is less than half a mile from my house, right up there. . . on The Street of Dreams.  

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