Friday, July 5, 2024

Absalom, Absalom

Tennessee sent this photo last night from his lakeside home.  I've never liked 4th of July celebrations, but this looks nice.  

I've deleted my narrative about yesterday after writing it all out.  It was a miserable account of pain and gloom.  I've tweaked my back and am a corkscrew now.  I'm a crippled cripple.  That' all I want to say about that.  

I napped an hour at a time last night, even with pain pills and sleeping aids.  I finally slept at dawn, but I am the worse for wear this morning.  

I'm tired of whining.  I may only write when I have something interesting to tell.

But these days, sometimes, I feel myself a ghost, watching the past like an old movie projected onto silk curtains wavering in gentle breezes, no present, no envy for the future.  

Yeats may have been right.  Geologists have discovered some disturbing changes in the earth's very core.  

"The center will not hold."

At some point, the past will remain unchanged.  

Absalom, Absalom.  

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