Sunday, February 17, 2008

Accordion No!

I don't think Accordion Noir is interested in using one of my photographs. They came to my site and looked around for twelve seconds. I get that kind of information. Twelve seconds is about how long it would take to scroll down to the photo of the naked girl, I think. I have to make up my mind what sort of site this is.

No one from the program wrote me an email. I expected something. I still like listening to the program anyway.


  1. Don't give up hope! Rowan again -- since I'm the nerdier of the two (well, Bruce is the accordion nerd, I'm the computer nerd) I picked up automatic notification of your blog post mentioning us a few days after you posted it -- maybe on the 20th -- and haven't yet had any chance to write you back and weigh in. Certainly anyone willing to own up to an appreciation of what we do in public is a force to be reckoned with! While it might come back to bite us in the keister were we to, say, put a link to your photo gallery from our website, as adults both Bruce and I have a certain appreciation for adult themes and subjects. The world would be as boring with only photographs of rainbows over harbours as it would be with only accordion use in champagne music promising an eternal polka beat of good times! There's really no squeezebox equivalent to the composition of a nude study, but it's great to find among our listenership people concerned for art and beauty and not merely kitschy nostalgia. We grapple long and hard over such things as the presence of strong language and mature themes in our programming (reflecting not only on us as programmers, but on the community station giving us airtime when license renewal time comes up again) and of course similar issues are relevant regardless of the medium one works in. Good luck in your struggle to find a stride for this blog that works for you and keep posting those great images -- especially if they happen to involve squeezeboxes 8)

  2. Rowan,

    That's great! I don't expect you to link to my site, but I am glad you looked around. And I'd love for you to use this as a business card. Ho!

    Thanks for the long response.