Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kate and Sasha

I bought this photograph from a fellow in Belarus a few days ago. We wrote back and forth, trying to figure out how I could get him the money. Turns out that the photograph is of his girlfriend who is also a photographer. They are young, and I've asked them to become immortal. They must photograph the things they do now relentlessly, I told them, so that in thirty years there will be a record that will make everyone wish they had lived lives of such interest and grandeur. Let's all hope so. I am linking his site on mine. Take a look at what he is doing. His name is Aliaksandr Veledzimovich, but he goes by Sasha. Kate and Sasha.


  1. I am a first

    Good to see my photo here

  2. I would like to purchase some of Sasha's photographs. How can do this?

    Thank you,

  3. thanks for sharing this. the shot is just sublime.

  4. I'll make sure Sasha gets your message.