Friday, March 28, 2008

My One Good Eye

I went back to the retinologist to have my exploded eye checked. I hate going to doctors and dreaded this, knowing that I would suffer the eye drops that would cause me to see weirdly all day. They used drops to numb my eyes, then two sets of drops to dilate the pupils. Then they left me in the dimly lighted room alone while the drugs took effect. I have an active imagination, maybe, but things began to change. First, I blew my nose with the tissue that I had just wiped the excess fluid from my eyes with and got Lanocain or Ibocain or Novocain or one of the -ains into my nostrils. In the half light, the floor seemed to turn liquid, sloshing and puddling all about. And my teeth went numb. When the doctor came in for the exam, things seemed fine, and I knew better than to tell him what I am here telling you. He is a nice man who asked my advice on literature. He said my eye was healing nicely.

Here is a photograph from 1976. Two of the people in the photograph are now dead, father and son. I'll call this one "Mouth Breathers."


  1. Sounds awfully exploding eye. Could be something for a self-bomber. Nobody would notice until it is too late. A Swedish writer once wrote about a drug called kallocain. If you take it you will reveal your most inner thoughts.
    Take care.

  2. Jan,

    I'm glad you came to the site.

    Kallocain. I think I must have been born with it coursing through my veins.

    Speak soon,