Friday, February 6, 2015

Better Without Practice

I put this picture up today even though I know that Fridays always have fewer visits to the blog.  I love this photograph.  I just think it is crazy good. 

I haven't much time to write today.  I will need to quit drinking.  Last night I went out with the beautiful people from the factory.  It is always fun to be with them, but they start too damn early for me.  I think they must be able to quit drinking when they leave the bar.  I don't know.  But I am shitty today and have much to do.  The Wrecking Crew comes in a little while, and I have to do things like bend over and pick things up off the floor before they get here.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but I am already breaking out into a misty sweat thinking about it.  I woke twice in the night and had to drink water.  Water, I think, could be my friend.  I can only hope.  The day is full of enterprises.  There is much to be done.  I have to say "to be done," for it scares me far too much to say "do." 

It will be difficult to quit drinking this weekend, though, for I am coming up on "a significant age," and I know I won't be allowed to practice abstinence.  Oh. . . I should say. . . not in all forms anyway. I don't think anyone is renting maidens to stroke my brow and rub my feet and take me to a fairyland.  People I know aren't quite that way.  Cocktails, they'll say.  More whiskey, more bear meat!

Maybe I just feel as awkward as the posture of the girl in the photograph.  I feel like a figure painted by Balthus. 

Last night, I was given a brand new skateboard.  I am not tempted to ride it this morning.  I am feeling brittle just now.  I need to become more fluid and limber.  I must take up some limbering exercises and practice falling, too.  Perhaps I will go to a limbering studio or get a private limbering instructor.  It is an American version of yoga.  My mother began doing limbering exercises when I was a kid, and she is still limber.  It is purely physical and requires no spiritual involvement.  I don't believe anyone has properly explained the difference before.  There it is.  Still, the skateboard scares me. 

One other thing to report, some horrible news.  I was in a very popular band a long time ago.  Last night at the party, my friend who was also in the band lost his mind and began telling people where they could go to find old recordings.  I tried to shut him up, but he gave out enough information that people from the factory were able to find it with The Google.  I listened to much of it last night.  It is awful.  Much better in memory, especially since we had a pretty big following.  I don't think I can get the music taken down, though, so I will probably have to suffer the barbs and arrows of certain mockery.  I will have to make some new recordings now, I think, to rectify all of this.  I'm sure I've gotten much better over the years with a lack of practice.  Much, much better. 

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