Thursday, February 5, 2015


O.K.  O.K.  I get it.  Things could be worse.  And, of course, they will be.  Full moons and sleeplessness besides, there is little to complain about.  It is just this whole thing that everyone comes to know at last.  It is the thing. 

But I have influences.  I have resources.  And I am a good person, really.  Sometimes, I just do bad things. 

That is a quote from one of my models, but I like it. 

*   *   *   

I prepared that last night before bed.  Thought I would get up and go to the gym as I have to meet some people from the factory right after work today for a little celebration.  There will be drinking, and so no gym.  But last night. . . I don't know, I must have been drinking.  I Googled something, I know, a video, and way led to way.  I have vague memories of sending links to these videos to many people I know.  There were group lists, but not everyone received the same things.  At some point, I know I went to bed.  I woke up thinking it would be another miserable middle of the night thing, but it was almost six.  I fell back to sleep and woke up after eight.  The morning gym was out.  I had an email from someone telling me how much she loved the video.  Oh. . . yea. . . .  The cat was nowhere to be found.  I had forgotten to let her in apparently, for she was on the other side of the kitchen door. 

I remember now.  I Googled the top 100 Billboard hits of 1962, then 1963.  Pre-Beatles.  Somehow I got into watching the old Night Train television show.  You can find full episodes.  Here is the opening to one.  What a show.  That's Jimi Hendrix playing left-handed guitar in the background.  Gotta get me some of those pants.  O.K.  Live from Nashville. . . .

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