Monday, March 9, 2015

Moral Barbies

Real person.  True dat.  Here's the link.  She wanted to become a Human Barbie.  Who can blame her?  Oh, sure, she may come off a little like Barbie's evil sister, but still. . . . What guy wouldn't want to wake up in the morning and see that?  I wonder if it hurts? 

I think that the ocean behind her might have been in for a little cosmic surgery, too. 

We'll check back with her in twenty years to see how its holding up.  Still. . . to have a glorious moment in the sun.

I'm not dissing her, though.  We make choices in life.  I've tried to make mine, as much as possible, reversible.  At least not irrevocable (same thing?).  It is difficult, though, and every choice takes you down a different path.  My life recently has been full of choices that I wish I didn't have to make, but not choosing was choosing, etc.  These have been, I must say. . . irrevocable choices.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.  Life is that way. 

I stumbled across a phrase this morning that struck me: obligatory innocence.  It seems that our hopes that globalization would make the world a more liberal place were not well founded.  Indeed, in many cases just the opposite has taken place.  The article was about sexual education, and it seems that in many countries immigrants and conservatives are on the same page.  Sex ed, they say, is a way of promoting all sorts of perverse practices, from masturbation to homosexuality.  Islamic culture demands an obligatory innocence.  What a phrase.  I used to ask people who they would rather have dinner with, pre-or post-lapserian Adam and Eve.  I mean who would be more interesting?  Imagine the conversation with those who had practiced obligatory innocence. 

Whatever.  I have my own problems.  It is too late for me.  I am so post-lapserian it isn't funny.  Well, it is, actually.  I am a great conversationalist.  I've seen a lot.  But I am innocent by choice.  I have a voluntary innocence that is becoming.  Quite.  Poor Barbie, though.  She may have a rough road ahead.  I hope she makes a lot of money with her looks. 

Which reminds me of what I really wanted to write about today.  I'll have to save it for tomorrow.  It has to do with a new set of religious rules based not on morality but on beauty.  I've been working on a new set of commandments founded there.  It is incredible.  It reads much like the others and casts them into a new light.  Intelligence, beauty, and morality.  Think of privileging them all in the same way.  Why are so many people haters?  I know, a hater's got to hate, but they are usually ugly.  Wait.  You'll see.  It will all be meaningless in the end. 

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