Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Jesus oh Jesus. . . I shot with the Polaroid the other night.  I still have a few boxes lying around.  The film has mostly gone bad, but some of it is still. . . well, it's bad but it still gives results.  I am crazy for it and can't believe that it will never be made again.  And so it goes.  If only. . . .

*   *   *   

Update.  There is only one good photo gallery in town, but it is very, very good.  It is NYC good.  I went in one day with a pretty girl.  The gallery owner chatted us up.  The girl I was with promoted me as a photographer.  Nice girl. . . but I try to avoid such things.  He asked me to let him see some work.  I sent him the link to "Lonesomville."  I did not hear back from him for over a month, so I though to email him again.  Oh. . . ugh. . . ouch. . . quit it!!!!

Here is his response:

Hi Bill. I am very sorry. I did get your email. Never had a chance to reply. Though you series is well done I do not see a fit for us. I do see that it can generate interest and I know you will be very successful with it. 
Thank you for you consideration of Snap! Space. I hope you will still visit us. 

Fuck me.  That is the last time.  

I share this with you, my pals. . . but it is awful.  I think the work worthy of much, much more, but I am convinced that it will never reach the venue I had hoped.  Oh. . . did I say "fuck me"?  

If I didn't, I meant to.  

Perhaps when I die. 


*   *   *

That was all written after midnight.  Drunk, of course.  Feeling low and sorry for myself.  But today is St. Patrick's Day and people will be drunker than I tonight.  I will not participate as is my wont.  I should have taken some of the big prints in instead of sending him to a website.  Oh, well.  Live and learn and try not to be bitter.  What did I think, anyway?  They are just fucking photographs.  Maybe I'll have better news soon.


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