Friday, March 27, 2015

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

Oh, Spring.  Life is tumultuous and the cat is mad at me now.  She's a jealous girl.  What madness seizes sentient beings when the weather turns?  The blood thins, the head races.  I thought I'd tell you this in case you hadn't realized it yet.  Dull, dull, dull.

I hear a voice in my head saying, "give us details."  But the details are just as tedious as the general statements.  Sometimes one wonders what there is, truly, to write?  It is not, of course, what one says but the way one says it, and I was up too late drunker than I have been in years.  I was actually wobbly and the room began to spin.  I didn't even think I was capable of that.  I never drink to get drunk, not even to get tipsy.  No, I drink only to slow my mind down, to make it calm, simply to take the sharp edges off the day.  People are surprised that I don't, in general, take a drink until sundown.  There are bartenders in town who were surprised to learn that I drink at all.  So last night was a true anomaly.

That being said, the details are fuzzy.  I think I said things I wouldn't normally say.  Too much alcohol will definitely make you confess things better kept to yourself.

At least I didn't pee in the closet.

Today I must host a big meeting at work.  People will be there from other corporations, other factories.  I will look like I got drunk last night.  I will pass the baton as quickly as I can and sit in a far corner of the room drinking water.  We had this conference last year, too, and it caused me much trouble.  My heart won't take that again.  It is good, perhaps, that I will be a sweaty lump waiting for the end of the day, a little sushi tonight, perhaps, and some sake.  That is all.  Just the healing stuff.

O.K.  I must run.  I'll take two and call you in the morning.

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