Friday, April 17, 2015

Photographic Sins

Another day for early factory work after a long day and a late night.  Bad throat, bad belly, I just wish for the day's end.  I want to crawl up into a ball for awhile. 

Photography may be the most complicated art.  Not technically, but philosophically.  What the fuck are we doing when we take a picture?  Why do people like them so?  Why are they so charged and dangerous?  They are, without doubt, the "graven image" we have been warned about.  There is little I dislike as much as a mundane photograph. 

The New York Times ran an article on Sally Mann today.  I have never understood the controversy of her pictures.  I still can't.  They are a beautiful glimpse into the secret of things.  They are, as Diane Arbus said about photography, a "secret about a secret."  

In general, I guess, they should just make laws against photography.  There shouldn't be any.  It is all trouble.  All of it.  Just make it illegal.  If you can't learn to draw. . . .

Here is the article on Mann if you are interested  (link).

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