Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I'm done for awhile.  Let's call it a break.  I have to tend to things including my health, I think, both physical and mental.  I'm pretty much closing up shop at the studio, too.  I've been through a couple rough relationships this year (that were exciting nonetheless), had knee surgery and diverticulitis, worked every day at the factory, and continued to churn this out, too.  I had interest in my photography from a significant gallery that in the end didn't come to fruition and an offer to be part of a group show in NYC that seems to have fallen apart. 

All in all, I'm more than exhausted. 

I'm shutting down at a piss-poor time as the daily readership has rebounded nicely.  But it is better to pause on top than when everything is truly in the gutter.  I may be gone for weeks.  I may be gone for months.  I don't know.  Since I don't have any way to let you know, just check back from time to time if you are so inclined. 

I'll see you in a bit.  So, as they say. . . until then. . . .

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