Monday, May 18, 2015

So Long Betty, Goodbye Don

I'm feeling like Betty Draper.  Whatever.  Keep things the same.  Act normal.  Bottle it up. 

I'm feeling like Don Draper.  Run away.  Have adventures.  Rediscover the America with which you have lost touch. 

Betty and Don are alike in one way.  Truth with a capital "T" is only a construct.  They create their versions of what is dream and what is nightmare around the "is."  It is perfect that their final scene is on the telephone.  It could not have been better.  The best things are left unsaid (but definitely not unwritten). 

The worst thing about "On Demand" is the lack of a shared experience.  Most of my friends have saved the last season of "Mad Men" for binge watching later.  There will be no chatter in the break room about the final episode. 

There were flaws along the way in the seven season run that some will pick at until they can unravel the cloth, but those flaws are fewer than most other collaborative works on commercial television.  The core of the goddamned thing is a masterpiece.  To be able to make that much "art" in a corporate setting makes one long for television shows that are made from grants rather than for revenue.  If the Koch whores would just do that instead of buying politicians. . . etc. 

And so, a pretty girl picture circa early Betty Draper.  Consider it a tribute, more or less.

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