Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Emoji Stories

I've been struggling to write this all morning, first trying to get an emoji message into a jpeg form and then to post it here. I like emojis fine. I think they are swell. They can be like Chinese Ideograms in the way they tell stories and must be interpreted. I like getting messages that take me away from the daily atrocities. I like sweetness and light. And I'm a silly fellow. 

But the morning has gotten away from me and I haven't a picture to post. The repairman came yesterday and destroyed the shower stall. Opening up a shower wall will reveal things most of us would rather not see. There are copper pipes. They must come out. I walked into the bathroom last night and felt I was seeing an operation. I wanted to hide my eyes in my hands and say, "make it better, make it better." 

I've been tracking my Leica camera on the USPS website. It was supposed to be here yesterday. It has been delayed, however, the tracker says. WTF?! How can they take the money for a two day delivery and then just go, whoops, won't happen?! I thought I'd be working with it now. 

It will come. 

Meanwhile, I've been watching tutorials and learning how to make those images pop. I hope. I'll be ready by the time the Leica arrives. 

I told someone yesterday that I got to buy the camera because I don't have children. It seemed snotty, but it is true, I guess. 

Here is one of the messages I got yesterday. It tells a story. Fun.

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