Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Third World Nation

Friday night brings a rare Blue Moon.  You know I'm planning something special.  Here, though, in Swampland, it is likely to be too cloudy to see it.  No matter.  It will be there. 
All full moons bring us in touch with our emotions, our sensitivities and our inner-selves.
When we are in tune with the natural energetic currents of nature, we can combine our own energy forces so that we have an extra surge, which helps to push us in the right direction.
This blue moon is a powerful one and it is signalling that it is time for us to take control and take the power back from areas of our lives that have been roaming free and taking us down a road that lead to nowhere.
Everything from our past is about to be illuminated and areas that desperately need focusing on will be brought to our attention and during this blue moon, there will be no looking away.
We will meet with certain issues that have been haunting us face-to-face and rather than being fearful, we should see this as an excellent chance for growth and transformation.

I got that from the internets. 

We will be seeing ourselves in a new light and this will mean we will question everything around us.
As we acknowledge and take ownership for all that we are being shown, we will also begin to realise that everything that is in our lives is our own responsibility and that other people have their own paths to follow. We cannot blame other people for influencing ours, neither can we try to influence or alter anyone else’s.
As the truth becomes more apparent, we will also start to see behaviours of ours that have fallen out of character with who we are at our core self. We get too caught up in what other people are doing or what we think they should be doing and this not only holds us back, it prevents others from learning their own lessons and discovering what they need to too.
We are all given this one unique life and by bringing in a little more unconditional love and acceptance of others, we can also practice letting go of expectations at the same time.
 You will need to prepare yourself for this.  A fast and a colon cleanse might be one way.  Staring into the mystical light might be another. 

A new movie I am sure to champion was reviewed in the Times today (link).  I won't comment until I see it, though. 

The fuckers at the United States Postal Service are still holding my camera in some obscure part of the country, but they will not tell me where.  Two day delivery bullshit.  Wait--an update.  Sent by the seller on July 25 from Brooklyn, 11256, it has now been received in NY, NY, 10199.  Four days to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a two day delivery.  This is truly a third world nation now.  I want my country back. 

Whatever.  Whatever.  Whatever.  

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