Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Camera Mystery, Rain, and the Three-Petered Goat

I can't tell you why I haven't taken any pictures or even worked on things I already have this summer.  For the most part, anyway.  I've been "otherwise engaged."  It is the heat, perhaps.  I am lazy, of course, but almost devastatingly so in the summer's heat.  The blood becomes too thin with the combination of heat and the thinning liquors that must be consumed to combat the terrible ennui.  Lassitude.  And then there is the other thing that zaps the energy levels and turns me into a terribly wonderful slug.  Trashcans instead of imaginary harlots.  I need to find a new theme, a new "thing." 

But as I say, I am otherwise engaged. 

And, of course, the camera I would be using this summer to document the madness has yet to arrive.  I am bored of this story already myself.  The Leica M Monochrom--I can't find out anything about it. I paid for the camera, it was mailed, then--no one can tell me what has happened.  I got a message from the post office yesterday that said the "case" investigation was complete.  I wasn't told what that meant, wasn't told anything about the package.  So I called Customer Service.  They told me the same thing.  This is the third time I have contacted them.  It takes a minimum of half an hour to speak to someone each time.  So I contacted the seller.  He told me not to worry.  He said he insured the package for $22,000.  Really?  He can buy me a brand new camera, maybe. 

I am limp from it all. 

Last night I looked at all the options on my Apple TV.  The list has grown immense.  There is a station called Vanity Fair.  I clicked on it and watched for some time videos of interviews about the stories in the magazine.  It was fairly fun.  Tonight I will look at Vogue.  Ooo, that should be fun. 

Such things as that are all I should watch before going to bed.  I am still being haunted by images of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick and the Factory from watching "Factory Girl."  If you've seen the movie, you might like this (link).  No, right now I need to watch lighter and happier things. 

Speaking of which. . . yesterday was a rain day.  All day.  Non-stop.  Fortunately, we got out early enough to take a long walk.  The rest of the day was spent dodging raindrops.  A trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get things for the finished bathroom.  Then--and I can't believe I'm telling you this--we were both hungry and nostalgic for (oh my). . . Olive Garden.  I hadn't been for at least twenty years.  We thought it would be good kitsch fun to get the all you can eat soup and salad and breadsticks.  The flavors brought back all the memories.  Nothing--nothing--about the flavor of the food has been altered.  It wasn't bad.  It just wasn't good.  Canned soup and a lettuce salad with ranch dressing.  And beer.  We giggled through the whole thing, of course.  The waitress was sweet and attentive and somebody you wouldn't mind knowing, a tremendous kid who seemed far smarter than her job and cute in a non-threatening way.  I wouldn't go back, but it was fun in the same way going to Disney might be only with much less hassle.  Then a nap, Campari and sodas and books as the rain fell, a trip to the grocers and a quick meal.  I wanted to watch "La Dolce Vita" again, but we never got around to that.  Early bed on a drizzly night. 

The rain returns today. 

Perhaps I'll find time to work on some photo files.  If I have anything good lying around, that is.  There is so much to do, though. . . . .

Over on his site, Q is being cute about some operation he has had.  It is vague, but I think he got a second peter.  As soon as it heals up, he's off to Burning Man to try it out.  I hope it works out better for him that the monkey nuts operation did for W.B. Yeats--(here) and (here).  No doubt, though, he's a better man for it.  I'm calling on him to show us some pictures of his new tool.  He's worried that his readership is flagging, but I'm sure the images would make him the new Caitlin of the internets.  I'm thinking about getting one, too, if it works out well for him.  Nothing like it, I say.  A two-petered man is better than no man at all.

And that's all I have to say about it for now.  All I can say is stay tuned.

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