Monday, August 3, 2015

Luck and Fate

The rain is with us.  In a country of drought, it seems sweet.  It keeps the temperatures low and often enough the humidity as well.  It has made me more productive, too.  With no demand to be outside, I've had a chance to work on pictures.  I scanned yesterday and got some images to models that were long overdue.  After months of torpor, I went back at the files in a new way, processing them differently.  It was overdue.  The pictures have a livelier quality to them.  It made me want to shoot again, but I can't go back to the same theme even if so many want to come and shoot with me.  I will dream up something new. 

Last night, I watched Vogue TV for a bit.  Watching the fashion shoots on sets with huge production crews was something.  I envied some of it, but not the photographers who are just a piece in the machinery.  They are technicians who have other technicians making the work look good.  But the equipment and the sets and the big studios with open window lighting. . . .

I'll figure it out. 

I like my snapshot, though, of the two girls on the bridge overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge.  The older one was a sixteen year old college student in a private school in New England.  She was a photography major and fascinated by my film Leica.  Her sister was obviously younger.  It could have been better, but I was nervous chatting up the teens.  See the biker chick looking at me?  I was afraid a crowd of vigilantes would form.  It was a long way down.  If I had my wits about me, though, I would have done some directing.  Lessons learned along the way, I guess. 

No word on the Leica M Monochrom yet.  It is all very Kafka-esque.  Though I haven't been told anything at all about what has happened to the package, the Post Office sent me a satisfaction survey to fill out.  I did even though I know it will just be scanned by a software system.  There were boxes for comments, though, so I told my story there.  The seller sent me a message telling me not to worry, that he insured the package for $22,000.  My buddy said it was a scam, that he had someone inside the post office.  If so, I want a brand new camera out of it.  That would please me. 

Meanwhile, I am percolating.  New ideas will emerge, I think, sooner or later.  Meanwhile. . . I live a pleasant life.

Luck and fate.  We shall see.

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