Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ten Years in the Glovebox

I am scanning a picture right now that I took ten or more years ago.  That is not in itself a story, but that the film has been in a camera in my car all that time pretty much is.  I started using my little Olympus XA the other day, apparently after not touching it for all that time.  When I finished the roll of film, I took it in to have it developed and was shocked to see some of the first pictures on it.  Such surprises.  Film is awesome.  The scan is taking a long time, though, and so I do not have the picture as I write.  Usually I copy the picture onto the blog first and begin writing under it.  The page looks empty and weird as I begin writing today, like something for an exam or an assigned essay.  I will have the picture here, though, before I post.  It is simply that the blankness of the screen page scares me in a way.

I was right about the factory work.  This week is merely horrible.  I am buggered and tuckered at the end of the day and have not gone to the gym in approaching two weeks.  I have cleaned up my diet a bit though after the week of misery when it seemed that every meal was pizza.  I'm not crazy about pizza, but that is what was placed in front of me too often, and with the heavy schedule, I just ate what was there.

I'm trying to get back to beans and greens.

I read a story about Caitlyn Costumes being sold for Halloween.  There are groups trying to stop that.  WTF?  It's Halloween.  You are supposed to be able to make fun of everything then, no?  There is no tastelessness at Halloween, only costumes.  It is upside down world then.  Whatever.

Q's Caitlyn costume for Burning Man will not be so well received, I presume.  Bro, you'd better quit sending those pictures around.  You are going to be boycotted soon.

O.K.  The scan is finally finished and the photo worked in Lightroom.  I have no time now, so I will copy, paste, and go.  Ciao for now.

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