Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Eerie Blankness of a Horrible Feeling

Well. . . I'm just about at the bottom of this barrel having used images I shot while walking around a downtown area two weeks ago.  Haven't shot a thing since.  In the old days, working in the studio. . . .

All I can do here today is whine, so I'll make it brief.  I don't feel good in any way.

That was pretty quick.  No details, just a summary.

I should give up this trying to pretend.  I've given up what I was doing that was of any interest and have not replaced it with anything else.  I haven't agreed to everything, but it ends up that way no matter.

You see those guys sitting at weekend breakfasts without a camera wearing the goofy blank look and talking about other people and the trouble with them?  Not talking, really, just nodding and saying "mm-hm"?

You see me.

Next step--Social Media.

Stay tuned.

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