Saturday, October 17, 2015

Water, Water, Everywhere

A house a couple doors down from my studio.  It won't be there much longer, I reckon, if the warehouse studio is going.  Gentrification.  Feeling the effects in a very different way now.

My house has been destroyed and put back together.  The maids came and cleaned and so this Saturday seems almost normal if I don't look outside which is still a wreck and must be dealt with beginning today.  $10,000 or so.  That is what I am out about now.  Maybe a little less, but that is what I will spend in the end when everything is done.  And for that, the house will look and function as it did before I began.  There is no extra room, no upgrade.  It just functions again.

I am glad, though, to be rid the smell of sewage.

I am struggling with the future.  It has never been so uncertain.  I realize that it is fine to share your uncertainties and fears anonymously as I try to do here, and probably healthy, too.  Real people do not want to share those with you.  It is better as entertainment, and writing it here provides that for you and a release for me.  But real problems. . . no. . . they are not fun to share.  Rivers run one way, but trouble doesn't.  If someone is going to help you carry water, you have to help them carry water as well.  Suddenly there is a lot of water being carried.

I didn't drink for most of a week, then I did.  Now I am ready to go back to the ginger tea.  Do you know why they call redheads "gingers"?  The ginger flower is red.  Have you ever made a ginger tea from the ginger root?  Do.  It is good.  Really, really good, especially if you are a drinker and like strong flavors.  I could prefer the ginger tea to whiskey quite often.  It sure makes you feel better in the morning than the whiskey does.

There is a lot of water to carry today.  I need to begin.  Water, water everywhere. . . .

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