Sunday, February 14, 2016

Courtly Love

Well. . . I got one of them in focus.  With the lens wide open on that medium format camera, there is little room for error apparently.  But I have been amazed how people don't mind being photographed. It has stunned me.  You walk up to a stranger with a funny camera and just kind of point and do a mime thing and they say yes.  I did it in a town and a city yesterday.  Nobody said no.  I am still learning to use this camera and am still just taking snapshots.  I have been missing exposures left and right.  There is much to think about other than the people in the picture.  Once all of that becomes muscle memory, though, I should be able to focus on the image.  People sure do love a strange camera, though.

It is Valentine's Day.  I bought flowers and a card for my mother.  I am sweet that way.  I will take them over this morning then have dinner with her this evening.  Ili and I agreed not to worry about doing anything at all.  I like that.  I am very resentful of having to celebrate on demand.  I want mine to be natural and spontaneous.  We will do something, I'm sure.  We just don't need to plan it.  

While I was writing this, the cat had a seizure.  I heard her hit the wooden floor and looked over to see her on her back with her curled legs in the air.  She pissed all over herself and the floor.  When she got up, she looked very confused.  She is on shaky last legs, I guess.  I will call her vet.  She (the vet) is pretty quick to put down an animal who is not doing well.  She doesn't like to see them suffer.  But perhaps it will not come down to that right now.  

It is just another reminder.  

I read this morning that Scalia died.  Republicans are going nuts.  Well. . . I mean they are acting out on it again.  They hate the U.S. government and I believe they hate the Constitution.  It is very hard to watch.  

But that is the world in which I live.  So, as a bromide, I bought three Kindle books from Amazon that are just brain candy.  What else is there to do but spend some time every day speaking against the bastards and then retreating into books that aim to fascinate and delight?  

Now it is time to start the day.  The sun is shining and the air is cold.  I think brunch is soon coming my way.  Happy Valentine's Day.  

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