Saturday, April 2, 2016


(Lilya Corneli)

I just found this photograph framed and lying on top of a shelf.  It used to hang, but I remember now the maids knocking it down long ago and it has been hidden from view and forgotten for years now.  It is hanging, once again, in place.  Lilya Corneli gave this to me many, many years ago along with a number of other photos.  I have, perhaps, too many of her images hanging in my house, but I am going to consolidate them to make room for other things I want to hang in the next few weeks.  I haven't anything of my own hanging in the house.  I don't know if that would be too self-centered or narcissistic or if I should go ahead and hang a couple.  I want to print three of the surf series in a larger size and frame them well to hang together in the t.v. room and maybe one of the more provocative one in the bedroom.  I have some great things by Nathalie Roze and by some other photographers that I want to hang.  Decorative stuff.  I have a beautiful image by Slava Pirsky of his daughter Alex that I haven't gotten framed yet.  I will set about doing that this week.  I have never gotten the images promised me by Ed Ross.  I may bug him to see if I can get them.  And I have framed images by Ellen Rogers that I may get hung today as well.

I wanted to work outside today, but the day is gray with a slow drizzle.  That is all I need to put it off.  I am a lazy man in most ways.  The low light that comes through the shutters is a soft whisper telling me to do little but eat and drink and read and watch movies and hold hands.  It would be wrong not to listen.  You cannot fight the weather.

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