Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Corporate Bohemian

I've not had five back-to-back days off from work since Christmas.  Monday is Memorial Day and so I've decided to make mine a five day weekend.  I have no plans other than working around the house and not going to the factory.  I will take the time to plan some summer vacations and to make reservations so that I actually go.  I will get into the car and drive around the state a bit this weekend, though, just to get out of my zip code which somehow seems to have become impossible.  This "cat in the rain" is one reason.  People tell me, "She's a cat, she can take care of herself."  They are wrong, though.  She is an emotional little cat who gets depressed very easily.  She is tiny and needs much care.

See--I've gotten to be an old man.

"I can't go.  I have to take care of my cat."

It is a strange and progressive disease.  Many have it.

I am not old yet, I know, for I have both fear and desire.  Once the desire leaves me. . . .

I watched Micheal Moore's "Where to Invade Next," the other night.  I hadn't watched it because I thought it was about war.  I was wrong.  It was about living and being human.  He shows that is very difficult to do in America.  We have gone off the tracks.  There is something wrong with us now.  I am glad that I have always been and continue to be a bohemian with a bohemian lifestyle.  I have lived in opposition to the corporate style, at least.  I don't like to work more than half the hours a week that are required.  I like to sit in cafes and talk.  I like to take walks. . . etc.  Not just on the weekends.  It is what I am mostly known for at the factory.  I don't dress or think like most of the bosses.  They aspire.  I only desire.

But the factory whistle blows, and I am bound to keep my job, so I must contradict my previous statement and get on my way.  I live in America, you know, and that takes money.

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