Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Drugs are bad.  Over the counter drugs are worse.  Yesterday, someone gave me a pre-workout supplement from GNC.  I supposed it would be supplements that would help stimulate muscle growth early in the workout process.  I should have known better.  Just after I drank it, everything started falling apart.  My ears were burning, then my neck.  The world receded and my arms and legs were no longer my own.  I walked into the gym telling myself, "Just maintain.  You have to work through this."

I almost pooped my pants doing shoulder presses.  People would come to say hi, and I would stare back like a zombie, I'm certain.  I could tell by the look on their faces.  I was sweating from every pore.  Who sweats from their forearms?

Somehow I finished my workout (after three trips to the bathroom).  At home, showered and dressed, I headed out to the factory.  It was a rough day.

Last night, I still felt some ill effects, I thought, so I took an Advil P.M. to help me sleep.

This morning, I am a wreck.

I talked to Q last night just before dinner, and he told me that I couldn't do the drugs of a younger generation.  No shit.  I don't want to do drugs at all.  I thought I was taking a supplement.

Today will be a lemon water day.  Water is my friend.

I'd be better off, I think, just doing meth and opium.  These over the counter things are really weird.  They must be popular, though, or they wouldn't be selling them at GNC.  Is this what all those beautiful boys and girls take before their workouts?  Holy smokes.  They are a strange and twisted bunch.

But I'm the biggest sissy in the world.

We'd better hope that the Trump/Clinton ticket (I am making up bumper stickers for this campaign) doesn't get on this stuff.  Maybe they already have.  It would be another piece of the puzzle, so to speak.

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