Saturday, July 30, 2016

Morning Whine

I want to watch "Don't Blink," a film about Robert Frank.  It is available online from a number of sources, but I am not versed in what is dangerous and what is not.  They all want you to sign up and log in to watch the movie.  It is tantalizing, but I figure I'll wait until it available on Netflix.  That could be a long wait.

It looks like scalloping from a treehouse on a cold river is out of the picture now.  I must gather my resources and see what I might do, if anything.  I can't make a road trip in my apt-to-breakdown car.  Airfares bought with so little advance notice are expensive and hotels in major cities even more so.  I am broke and paralyzed and unable to think through it all.  Maybe I'll wait until the waves pass before trying to swim through the break.

As always, I seek equanimity, but perhaps for once in my life, I should seek wealth.  Others do it successfully every day.  I could use a fat influx of cash right now.  I could use an influx of intelligence and creativity, too, but that seems even less likely than the other.  Broke and bereft of talent seems the path of least resistance.

And there's the morning whine.  Jesus, I hate whiners.  This will be the last one until I forget my promise.  I'm going to try to look outside myself and find some stories to tell.

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