Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old Time Religion

I stayed up too late last night watching the DNC.  Why do they do it so late?  I saw all the major speeches. . . and I says to myself, I says. . . "Who in the hell is watching this?"

Nobody under forty, certainly.  Maybe fifty.

This morning I read that during the convention, Trump was tweeting.

Last night was a darn good, old fashioned show.  It would have been very, very effective in the '70s.  I will tell you that I was moved.  I could feel the righteousness coursing through my veins.  I had that old time religion.

This morning, I looked at CNN and the NYT online.  They barely mentioned the convention and didn't give much praise to the speeches.  There was a lot about Putin and Trump.  With a few tweets. . . .

I am sick today with a sore throat and I am tired and I know that I am old.  Watching the convention last night did that to me.  Only an old person would stay up to listen to speeches, right?  Yea, I'm going to vote more times than a kid, but still. . . they'd better adjust their presentation.  Old songs by Stevie Wonder just ain't going to cut it.

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