Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things Could Be Worse

I saw this sign on my way to the springs this weekend.  I took the photograph with a very good camera.  Just goes to show you that a good camera doesn't make a good photograph.  Recognize the style?  That's right.  There are no fingerprints on this one.  I would have done better with a phone camera.

As a matter of fact. . .


Anyway, the message is clear.  It is unambiguous.  It is for a specific audience.

I should, I think.  I am living under a curse.  Voodoo dolls or some other contraptions.  Yesterday driving to the factory, my car shut off.  I was doing about 50 mph when everything just quit.  The power steering was gone.  The hydraulic brakes were off.  Fortunately, the light ahead was green and I was able to pull into the far right lane and make the turn then drift down a service road into the parking lot of a strip mall.  I came to a stop behind an Applebees.

I have AAA.

Two hours later, the two truck came.

That afternoon, the dealer called.  Repairs will be around $1,400.

The house repairman keeps needing more money, too.

I will not have a vacation again this year.  That is three in a row.

I say this sitting next to the "new" Rollieflex that arrived yesterday.  Don't worry.  I got it for a pittance.  I even took a test roll of film and am taking it to the photo store now to see if the camera is accurate and working.

I have a lens arriving today.

I must sell something.  Anything.  I need money badly.

I remember a joke.

"Cheer up.  Things could be worse," he said.  So I cheered up.  And sure enough, things got worse.

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