Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A World of Work

What matters, my friends, but getting up in the morning to feed the chickens, slop the hogs, and milk the cows.  Maybe a fox got to the hens or one of the hogs is down.  What matters but coming back in for a big breakfast then going out to mend the fence or tend the garden or repair some piece of essential equipment.  What matters more than a big dinner at noon, more work, and cleaning up for supper.  Not when you want to, but every single day.  Maybe you go hunting some days and bring back rabbit or squirrel or possum, or maybe you go fishing and bring back a stringer full of fish.  That's what it takes.  You are tired at night and go to bed knowing what you will do in the morning.

I won't complain about going to the factory today.  I am of the working class.  There is always something to be done.  I will go and do it.  It is important to keep the belly full.

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