Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Old Film Cameras are for Young People

I just deleted a big complaint.  Good for you.  It was clever, but it was stupid.

I bought a comb for the cat.  She loves it.  I didn't think she would, but it paralyzes her.  She will lie still for as long as I will comb her.  She won't move, afraid that I will quit, I guess.  I am a horrible man.  Why didn't I get her a comb years ago?  It is good for me.  I don't have to get her dander on my hands and I comb off a lot of what probably makes me sneeze.  She loves me more than ever now, and I guess in a way it is good that I have waited to get her a comb.  Her life just keeps getting better. I probably just added two years to her life.

Good thinking, there.

I have to remember to do this for people, too.  I will get them a comb and make their lives better.  They will love me.

I have a couple hell weeks at the factory, then I am ready to take a long weekend trip.  Tell me where.  Quebec?  The shore?  NYC?  Nashville?

Yes, Nashville.  I've never been and I want to go.  Remember, this is just one long weekend.  Tell me if Nashville is a good thing.  I know Quebec would be.  I need to see something old and something new.  Let me know.

I got a new part for my Polaroid processor yesterday.  There will be some 8x10 things coming soon, I think.  I am percolating ideas.  Meanwhile, the fellow who made my Black Cat Liberator has it back for repair but hasn't said a thing about it all week.  I see from his website that he has put a rare old lens on a digital camera and is shooting with that.  Oh, yea, John, that's the ticket.  Sell me on an expensive film camera and then go digital.

He is right, though.  I may sell off all the film cameras and do that myself.  When I bought my house, the old fellow who sold it to me said, "Old houses are for young people."  I'm starting to think the same thing about film.

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