Friday, September 30, 2016

Alone in the Woods

I'm only checking my phone a couple times a day now.  I turn it off when I drive.  I barely check it once I get home.  You know what I miss?  Nothing.  But I am far off the beaten cultural path.  People drive slowly side by side, three lanes abreast all looking at phones.  When I am having a conversation at work, phones are blowing up with texts.  I talk to people at their desks and they keep glancing at their Facebook page as it updates.  When I look at the photos I take of people in the streets, most of them have people looking at their phones.

I'm trying to go analogue, but my handwriting, which was never good, has become almost completely illegible and my hand tires and cramps from writing quickly.  I can't draw for shit.  Computers have eaten my brain.

Still, I can't find the books I want in the one bookstore left in town.  There are supplements I can no longer find.  Clothes, shoes, just about anything, really.  So. . . there is the quick delivering Amazon.  I have tried to buy all my photo gear at the local shop which is really a pretty good one, but more and more, they are cutting out brands that aren't top sellers, so I am left to search the internet.

Variety is the spice of life, but it is the wellspring of nature.  When the gene pool of a species narrows too much, it usually dies out.  One disease can end the story.

I worry too much.  But going analog will make me something of a freak.  Half the time I am in a group conversation, I have to ask what they are talking about.

"You haven't seen that?"

It is as dangerous as going to live in the woods alone.  People don't want you around after awhile.

Here is just one example of the sort of thing everyone at the factory knew. . . but me.  I didn't have a clue, so they pulled it up on a computer.  Even if Gary Johnson doesn't know anything about the war zones and the leaders of the world, I'm pretty sure even he had seen this.  And that is why most of the younger voters are choosing third party candidates.

Here is a link to the transcript (link).

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