Saturday, October 1, 2016

This Is Just to Say

I woke up late on the first day of October with a hangover and a broken tooth.  I am trying to sip my coffee without bathing it in hot liquid.  I think I actually broke it a while ago when I bit down on an olive pit.  Last night it came apart at a Turkish restaurant.  Of course, teeth only break on the weekend.  I will have to try to get into a dentist's office first thing Monday.

My tax accountant called and left a message.  I still haven't gotten him all the important documents he needs.  I don't even know where they are.

And the roofer hasn't gotten back in touch.  Meanwhile, there is a hurricane not far away.

I have a real crisis at the factory that I can't write about.


I am drowning in bad voodoo.  Mercury is no longer in retrograde, so it has to be voodoo.

I am going to a wedding today.  It is outside in the middle of the afternoon.  It will be 95-100% humidity.

Just saying.

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