Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Cat Puke of Life

Woke up hopeful.  No such luck.  Cat puked on the couch in the night.  It will stain.  No luck at all.  I have worse stories to tell, but I can't.

I read an article about loneliness in the N.Y. Times this morning.  Afflicts many people, especially the aged.  Scientist have located some neurotransmitters that are active at a location in the brain associated with depression.  I wonder if there might not be a drug for it.  My friend texted me this morning--alcohol.  I tried to find an antonym for loneliness.  None of them worked.  Is there an opposite state?  An online thesaurus suggested "unlonely," but my computer doesn't even acknowledge that as a word.

I don't remember ever being lonely.  Perhaps that is another affliction with which I will soon be plagued.

Free will has come under attack.  Psychology and neuroscience are showing that we are not in control of many of our reactions and decisions.  Philosophy, as we all along have known, is a sham.

I will begin researching roofers today.  There goes any hope of release and relaxation I might have harbored somewhere in the recesses of my being.

I never really wanted a cat.  

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